Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics

The Trachtenberg System is a system of rapid mental calculation, somewhat similar to Vedic mathematics.It was developed by the Ukrainian engineer Jakow Trachtenberg in orderto keep his mind occupied while being held in a Nazi concentrationcamp. The system consists of a number of readily memorized patterns that allow one to perform arithmetic computations very quickly. Simple patterns easily remembered. Teach yourself then teach your children, and any "friends andrelations" who want to give themselves or their family increasedconfidence (in math.) Power Math Free Trachtenberg Mathematics Training Software Does your child "hate" math? I sure did! Then, one day, in a private school I attended as achild, some bright, happy people visited and asked, "Who would like tolearn a super-fast way of doing mathematics?"I don't know why, but I raised my hand immediately. These visitingteachers took some of us to another classroom and taught us theTrachtenberg method. What about your children? There's not much chance of the same intervention happening for them. "Thanks for providing such a great program! Last night I sat downwith my 10 year-old old daughter who is convinced that she can't domath, and watched in amazement as she learned to multiply by 11, 12 and5. She was so excited that when she went to bed last night she wantedto take a copy of the book I have to bed with her so she could readahead. My 7 year old son witnessed what was going on and demanded thatI teach him as well, so he is beginning to learn the "new" systemtoo."--D.J. (6/16/2004) Are the 60-year-old, brain-numbing methods used by schools to teachaddition, multiplication and division making it hard for them to learn mathematics? After I composed the training software offered here for free, the greatgreat grandson of Jakow Trachtenberg downloaded it, tried it, and then contacted me and thanked me for helping keep his ancestor's methodsalive.--Sherman Keene Download the file pow (208,344 Bytes) and getTachetenberg's genius methods for doing the same old math in a brand new way. After practice anyone can perform amazing mathematical feats.This program uses a bullet-proof method that includes full answer checking. Learn the Trachtenberg "way" and then teach it to your child(or children). "Math is the great equalizer." Why not give your offspring a significant edge-- the power to be "great" at math! PowerMath runs on PC in a DOS window. It provides all theinstructions you need to learn the method, and then self-checkingexercises to perform.


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